Author Laurie Ann Forest

Laurie Ann Forest webite_thumbnailLaurie needed a website to represent her amazing book, The Black Witch. After assessing her needs we both decided WordPress was the best solution. She was able to have a site up fairly quickly and with a couple of training sessions Laurie has been able to update and manage the site since then, with occasional help from me. Doing the site in WordPress allowed her keep the site current on her own as the release date drew nearer. Laurie has even been playing with the colors and images on her site to match her new book cover. She has proven to be a quick study as well as a very talented writer.

Preaching by Heart

Preaching by Heart webite_thumbnailRev's. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy and Stephen Shick promote and provide workshops to help speakers find their authentic voice. Their workshops are aimed primarily at ministers, but anyone who is looking to improve the delivery of their public speaking will benefit from their coaching and workshops.

The site also provides a way for people to register and pay for their workshops online, which was important to them.

First Church in Barre Universalist

First Church in Barre thumbnailWhen I took over the website for First Church in Barre Universalist it had a very plain and antiquated look. It also used overly complex nested table code for layout, making it very difficult to maintain. Here is what the original homepage looked like at the time.

While the site does retain a very minimal use of tables for layout, the look has been substantially updated. I designed a new rainbow chalice logo and made use of CSS3 to create color coordinated call to action boxes on the homepage that link to other sections of the site. I also re-wrote the code using CSS3 styles to update the main navigation as well as the listing boxes for sermons and events. I’ve also used Google fonts to replace some text on the site. I will undoubtedly re-design the site to make use of responsive web design techniques in the future but I think you will agree that it is vastly improved from the original site.

Peace and Unity Bridge

Peace and Unity Bridge websiteThe Peace and Unity Bridge website is aimed at building bridges of understanding and friendship among non-Muslims and Muslims particularly in the Northern New England area.

It’s run on WordPress using a custom theme that I built. It uses much of the functionality of the of the Twenty Eleven theme, which means it’s responsive and can adapt and display well on devices ranging from desktop monitors to smart phones. Using WordPress also allows the staff to update the site when changes are needed.

Rhythm of the Rein

Rhythm of the Rein website thumbnailThis site was originally done by another company. Rhythm of the Rein needed someone reliable to update their website. They also needed an events page where upcoming events could be posted along with descriptions and photos of recent events. I took care of this for them and added links to the rest of the site so that visitors could easily get to the events page from anywhere on the site. I've also done extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which has been highly successful in moving them to the top of Google search returns for the search terms they wanted.

Long Island Dog Owners Group

LI-DOG website thumbnailLI-DOG is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to open space for dog owners and their dogs. While I was not the original creator and the site is based on older practices, I've cleaned it up and worked to improve the look within the limits of the existing code structure. I've also done extensive SEO work for LI-DOG. Their site now shows up first in Google for several relevant search terms. Note: This site is now being managed by one of LI-DOG's members.

Responsive Design Demo

Responsive web page with slider demoThis page is an example of responsive design. The text, links, and images, including the slider will re-adjust themselves depending on the device they are viewed on. What does this mean? It means that anyone visiting a site using these techniques will have an experience tailored to their device. No need to expand the page and have to scroll back and forth in order to read the content on smart phones like most sites require. This makes things easier for visitors, which of course means they will be far more likely to return!

Colorbox Slide Show

Snowy Mountians Inkscape workThis is a link to a Colorbox slide show that I created. It uses jQuery and the jQuery Colorbox plugin. I've done some customizations to the plugin and changed how it works so that instead of using text links it uses thumbnail images to link to the slide show. A few of the images are Vector Graphics that I created in the open source graphics program, Inkscape. http://www.inkscape.org/

Note: I maintain sites for other clients but since I've played no part in their design they are not listed here.